Whilst the words ‘Employer Brand’ might be a staple in the HR dictionary, their definition is often left unclear. Certainly when it comes to best practice, the concept tends to lose fundamental clarity. At best it’s used as a guide for people strategy – at worst it becomes just the latest book for recruitment advertising.

In ‘The Employer Brand – Keeping Faith with the Deal’, the concept is not only defined, it’s given context, evidenced and valued too.

Forward by Wally Olins, Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants and one of the world’s most experienced practitioners of corporate identity and branding.

“A fascinating read which offers a good insider view, helpful examples and a perceptive insight into the value of the employer brand… Helen Rosethorn – and her team of contributors – is to be congratulated on a fresh look at the subject and an excellent book that could well become an essential read for practitioner, academic and student alike.”  Martin Tiplady, Director of Human Resources, Metropolitan Police

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